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from Cornelia

Hi, this is my debut album Balun! In addition to a standard digital release I wanted to create something that doesn't necessarily fit into the traditional record format.

So, my friends at Novalia and I have made the world's first LP shaped audio poster using technology enabled by integration of conductive ink, capacitive touch and conventional electronics to provide a musical experience in a new format, combining science, design and music. Touched by your finger the poster plays the songs from the album through a built in speaker and includes buttons for volume up and down!

I love old formats like the cassette and the vinyl record, physical objects that bring back memories. I hope this Balun poster shows a fun example of how music can become physical again with the help of new technology.


Available for a limited time and number only. The package also includes four 'pillow stickers' so you can attach the poster to the wall without damaging it and create a better sound.

Here's a video to illustrate the functions of the audio poster:

Photo by Greg Holland
Artwork by Katja Alissa Mueller

*The poster needs three AAA batteries to power up which are not included

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Cornelia London, UK

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